We have an update on our August Bucket Fund starved mare, Luna!  She is doing great!

AND, we were able to hook her up with two prosthetic companies who are working on creating a brace for her back ankle.  All good!

However, I think the winters in Minnesota are long and harsh, so this will delay the process a bit.

Luna a few days after intake.

AN UPDATE ON LUNA – they found her daughter!

One of the issues with Luna and her DSLD brace fitting is the harsh winter in Minnesota.  So, we have good news there!

And, they found her daughter as a pasture/barn mate.  Win-Win!

A message from Dr. Melissa Shelton:

Seems our time before winter is getting shorter and shorter, so we are scrambling. For her needs, we have a GREAT serendipity!!!

There is a heated indoor arena with 19 stalls and vet facilities that we can rent this winter!!!! Because of the help with her case, we have enough funds to not worry about the additional rent! So it is tremendously helpful!!!

AND!! Her daughter had been returned to a different rescue that had taken them initially. And so we were able to reunite them (daughter has DSLD as well, but not as severe yet)

Luna on the left. Her daughter on the right!

Eating out of the same bowl…

Luna will be housed in a heated barn for the winter! This will be a great help for her joints.

A nice, clean working area

This photo is dark… but it looks like a very nice barn with turn out and grass and trees!

A happy ending.

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