Have you ever worked with a nervous horse that flinched,
spooked, and startled at every movement? They feel consistently tense and
uptight, and even just moving normally around them can seem to set them off.

Think of the last time you were around one of these nervous
horses. Did it put you on edge too? Did you move slowly and carefully so as not
to set them off?

In today’s video, I want to tell you the story of a horse named Marlene. I have spent the last few months working with Marlene, and she taught me a valuable lesson… that being careful and quiet is not always the most helpful for a nervous horse.

Watch the video below and then leave a comment and tell me about a nervous horse you worked with.

See you in the comments!


p.s. Keep in mind there are many reasons a horse may be acting nervous or anxious – it’s not just personality. Here are a few additional resources:

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