Last year, I told you about Horsefly Films Rare Equine Trust‘s latest production journey:  The California White Camarillo Horse.

You can read that original post here.  (It shows much of the history… a fun read!)

Horsefly Films Rare Equine Trust produces documentaries (all award winners!) on rare horse breeds.   From their Vimeo page:

HORSEFLY FILMS filmmaking and photography services have been successfully promoting horses and ranches worldwide for over ten years. In creating images both moving and still, we provide premiere services for promotional films, training videos, farm films and exceptionally cinematic storytelling. Tailored to you and your equine business, we create cinematic film and spectacular photographs which convey the dramatic and emotional essence of horses and elevate them to living, breathing, moving works of art. We can create everything to promote your equine business.

We have worked with horses of all breeds all over the world, including shooting world-class Arabians, and under our film company RARE EQUINE TRUST we have also produced award-winning feature films about horses and equine cultures.

Today, the Horsefly Films Team is about to release their new film:

Stallion of A Dream: California and the Camarillo White Horse – Film Trailer

click image to watch trailer

Click here to watch the trailer and follow for the release!


Click image to go to website

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