I know it’s hot where you live, but it can’t be hotter than it is here. We’re on our 60th  or so day of hundred degree temperatures. Our last heat wave, defined as three or more consecutive days of 99 or above, lasted 28 days. And I don’t think any of those days were as cool as 99. 

That doesn’t look like a barn top.

This weather isn’t a surprise; back-to-school always means blistering hot afternoons. After being able to ride in the mornings all summer long, returning to the classroom means that I almost can’t ride after school. Since I’ve been working 12 hour days, it all comes together imperfectly anyway. It’s too hot to ride, and I am too tired to ride. The best I’ve been able to do these last three weeks is check on the horses every other day and ride on the weekends.

Those don’t look like dress shoes.

Yesterday, it was too hot to even change my clothes. Since I go to the barn straight from work, I change clothes at the barn. My choices are to change in the tack room or change in the back seat of my truck. Usually, it’s cooler in my truck than the tack room. Just the thought of struggling into breeches while I was only slightly sweaty exhausted me, so I simply didn’t. I slipped out of my gold sandals and shoved my bare feet into a pair of muck boots.

I scrubbed both boys’ water troughs, gave them their daily buckets, and promised to be back in a day or two. It was awkward tipping over Izzy’s swimming pool of a trough in a skirt, but I got the job done without getting too dirty. The next five days are predicted to be in the low to mid-90s, so I am crossing my fingers that I can leave work on time and get a ride or two in before the three-day weekend.

My barn clothes are packed and ready in my back seat. Hopefully I get to use them!