Straightness Training is an education on how to become the best horse trainer we can be for our horse.

With the purpose to keep our horse healthy in body, mind, heart, and soul.

So it won’t help if an ST Instructor gives you a “feel good” lesson or if an ST Evaluator gives you “stars & stripes” just to make you feel comfortable or to fulfill your need for certainty or significance.

That won’t help our horses.

It won’t help if we get a “one star” when our horse is still walking like:

  • A hammock, with a hollow back.
  • A camel, first putting his center of mass forward, and then his feet.
  • A cucumber, with his nose poking.
  • A shopping cart, pushing against his own center of mass.
  • Downhill, with all the weight on the front legs.

And it won’t do any good if we get a “pass”  when we still:

  • Forget to release early, often, soon, quickly, long.
  • Are unpredictable when giving our aids and cues.
  • Focus at the head, instead of the hind legs.
  • Train our horse in a patronizing teacher mode.

More people would learn from their “mistakes” if they weren’t busy denying them.

If they weren’t busy creating a story which gives them permission to stay where they are, to keep living in the comfort zone, avoiding change.

If they weren’t busy blaming the program, the circumstances, the instructor, the evaluator, the system, the criteria…. the only problem is, that they are not on this list!

Remember: we can’t always get what we want… we get what we need!

When going to a lesson or submitting an online video, not getting what we want is most of the times a wonderful stroke of luck!

The struggle it puts us in today is developing the strength we need for tomorrow!

Every time we think we are being rejected from something good, we are actually being redirected to something better!

For the sake of our horse!

Therefore, the purpose of learning is not to score well on a test: the purpose of learning is to become a better horse trainer! 

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