Even before the pimple that wasn’t, I had been cursing my stack of sports bras as though their mission on Earth was just to annoy the heck out of me. I will admit that the oldest was more than 7 years old and maybe even 12.

The others are in the laundry basket.

How do I say this? My “girls” aren’t particularly ample, so I can get away with moderate support. My sports bras were so old and stretched out that they no longer provided any support. I was nearly falling out of the top because the bras were sagging down to my belly button. They were simply doing more harm than good. 

Zero elasticity remains.

Since the wound on my back was still healing, the doctor insisted that if I absolutely needed to wear my sports bra – I didn’t even try to explain how doing an extended trot braless was likely to give me a black eye, I should be extra cautious that the straps were well clear of the wound. 

I tried one on and was happy to note that the clearance was more than acceptable. That’s when I truly owned that my bras did just suck, they sucked rotten eggs. I immediately got on Amazon and placed an order.


Can you hear the angels singing?

I ordered a set of five and they arrived on Sunday. I love you, Amazon Prime. I barely made it through the door before I stripped off my riding shirt and nasty ass sports bra to don one of these beauties. I am not exaggerating. I giggled from the sheer luxuriousness of the fabric and fit. It fit. It didn’t sag, it didn’t fall off my shoulder, it clung to my body, hugging me ever so gently.

Most awesome medium support sports bra ever!

The bras came in a package of 5 for $32.99. If you’re a more busty lady who needs a bit more support, these probably aren’t for you. If you’re shaped anything like me, and you need to update your sports bras, these are sold in sets of two, three, or five. I would totally buy them again in a hot second.

The old ones? I tossed them in the trash without even an adios.

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