You know, I used to be the first person to defend California. When people complained about the hot weather, I used to say, yeah, but we can ride all winter. When people complained about our forest fires, I would say, at least it’s not a blizzard or a hurricane. It’s too expensive, yeah, but it’s beautiful. You know what? I am DONE defending this state, and the instant my husband gets as tired of the excessive taxation, regulations, and capricious laws as I am, we’re out of here.
So what’s got my panties all in a wad this month? Too many thing to cover in this space, so I’ll keep it down to two. The first has to do with California State Senator Shannon Grove’s SB287 which would have created equity in the laws for drivers towing horse trailers used for recreational purposes. The law would have created the same driver’s license requirements for those who haul horse trailers as for those who tow recreational vehicles by allowing for gooseneck hitches instead of specifically requiring fifth-wheel hitches. Right now, I need a Commercial Driver’s License because my trailer weighs more than 10,000 pounds, but if I hauled an RV travel trailer of the same weight, I wouldn’t.

The bill passed the Senate 38 – 0. According to Senator Grove, “Despite the overwhelming support and speed with which the bill advanced through the legislative process, in the final hours of the bill passing through the Assembly Appropriations Committee, amendments were forced upon the bill to delay implementation until 2027.” Yes, you read that correctly. 2 0 2 7.


I am one of those 2.8K members.

The Assembly Appropriations Committee voted to delay implementation of the law for SIX YEARS to allow for “programming updates.” I can’t even begin to list the reasons why I am so incredibly disgusted by California’s lawmakers. I’ll start with this example: In an effort to alleviate the suffering of those Californian’s who lost their jobs due to COVID, there are estimates that TWENTY BILLION dollars in unemployment benefits have been paid out to, wait for it, INCARCERATED inmates at jails and prisons across California who couldn’t “find work.” That money poured into the bank accounts of MURDERERS, RAPISTS, THIEVES, and PEDOPHILES. Okay, maybe some of them were just thugs and drug dealers. (SourceSource, Source).

California’s law makers approved those unemployment expenditures within WEEKS of our economy’s shut down. Now, that same legislative body needs SIX YEARS to figure out how to change the language on the DMV booklet and written test to include drivers who haul a horse trailer (instead of an RV) that weighs less 15,000 pounds. How stupid do they think we are? On the plus side, maybe I’ll get arrested for driving without a correct license, and then I too can draw millions in unemployment benefits.


Arrest that driver!

Sheesh. But wait, there was a second issue, and not surprisingly, it too has to do with California’s DMV. A week or so ago I was complaining about the high cost of registering our vehicles in this money-hungry state. After paying 57 bucks for the smog test, I went home and tried to pay the $780 for the license plate sticker online. The smog results are submitted to the DMV automatically, and as soon as the test is done, you get a piece of paper that says pass or fail. As I tried to give California the requisite 780 bucks, I was DENIED because the DMV did not have proof of my smog test. Oh, California you disappoint me on so many levels. 

I remember being told in that past that it takes some time for the test to register with the DMV, so I gave it a few days before I tried again. Once again, I entered my truck’s license plate number and the last five numbers of my truck’s VIN and waited until the DMV system located my truck. I didn’t know for sure that the state had received my smog test, but since I was finally able to put the renewal in my virtual cart, I figured they had.

I pulled out my credit card – might as well get $780 worth of points, and prepared to pay. After I clicked pay with credit, I read the fine print. To pay instantly with a debit or credit card, wait for this one … California charges an additional 16%! I’ll admit it; I might have exploded with a few MOTHER FORKLIFTS! You have got to be kidding me, California. In a state with arguably the highest taxes of anywhere – you tax us for EVERYTHING, you now want to TAX MY TAX PAYMENT????

There are 49 other states, and at this moment, they all look better than this one.