Over the weekend I began to work with Rosie again.  Basically, she’s been having the summer off because of our extremely hot and humid weather.  I’ve started by simple longeing in both directions to get her head back in the game so to speak. She looks really good and it seems her work ethic is still intact.  She’s such a good girl.

While I was longeing her all the other horses were turned out and beat feet to the back pasture.  Well, all except for Grady, who grazed outside the arena and waited for Rosie to be done. Grady's the guy who cares about the other horses in the herd and he didn’t want to leave her behind.  Which I was grateful for because it let Rosie focus on her work and not on everyone being out of sight. He’s probably the sweetest horse in the barn.
Here are a few pictures of the two of them together after her lesson:
Waiting for the "Treat Store" to open
" Please hurry, I worked hard for this treat and don't forget my buddy Grady, I'm buying this round"
Quote for Today
 He knows when you are happy.  He knows when you are proud. He also knows when you have a carrot.