Thousands of HGV test slots have been made available since the DVSA’s announcement to scrap trailer tests – and there are changes to the HGV test structure planned, too

Since 16 September, drivers have been unable to book car and trailer tests online. To relieve pressure on test centres and free up availability to ease the lorry driver crisis, the government laid legislation in Parliament for the change to the car and trailer testing on 16 September and is aiming to introduce the change in November.

Extra bus and lorry tests available

As a result of stopping car and trailer tests, an additional 2,759 bus and lorry tests have been made available between 20 September and 21 November 2021 across Great Britain.

What’s coming up?

The number of lorry, bus and coach tests will also be increased once the law has changed to allow…

  • learner lorry drivers to take an articulated lorry test without the need to pass a rigid lorry test first
  • learner bus and coach drivers to take a bus and coach test with a trailer, rather than having to pass a test without a trailer first

The legislation for the change to staging is due to be laid in October and the earliest this change can be brought in would be four weeks afterwards, however this will be dependent on Parliamentary processes so is likely to take longer.

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