Following confirmation that infectious disease glanders is present in Nepal, UK charities have pulled together to offer their support to affected equine owners

The International Coalition of Working Equids (ICWE) hopes to support Nepal’s equine owners, who are suffering under the presence of deadly disease glanders, which was confirmed by the government in May 2021.

Glanders affects equines of all types and is highly infectious. It’s been largely eradicated from Europe, Australia and North America, but there are still reports of its presence across Asia and Africa. It causes nodules and respiratory tract ulceration. It’s life-threatening and can be passed onto humans, making containing it incredibly important.

Hari Joshi, Executive Director of Animal Nepal, said: “We’re extremely grateful to have the opportunity to attend the ICWE workshop. Our staff learned a great deal about glanders and were grateful to hear from experts who have treated infected equines in the field.”

Animal Nepal has joined forces with The Donkey Sanctuary and World Horse Welfare to help educate owners across Nepal with informative materials, including six short films, that’re easily accessible all over the country. The films focus on biosecurity, including good hygiene and quarantine practices. There are practical, hands-on workshops available, too, which will involve experts passing on practical advice based on their experience of managing Glanders in the field.

Ian Cawsey, ICWE Chair and Director of Advocacy at The Donkey Sanctuary, said: “Combining the joint resources and skills of the coalition has enabled us to produce a very exciting set of tools, which give clear information, practical advice and are easily accessible for the owners of working equines. We plan to build on these resources and provide further support and reach owners, however remote their location, to improve the lives of working equids.”

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