If you have ever ridden with a whip or riding crop and found it frustratingly difficult to just hold both the reins and the whip, let alone use either effectively to communicate with your horse, today’s video will be invaluable for you.

I will share how and where to hold the whip that you may
even forget it’s there. Hint… the best place is not always right on the handle…

Next, I will show you how to use a whip or crop to
communicate clearly to your horse, without worrying about hitting them
accidentally, wondering if you should take your hand off the reins, leave it
on, etc.

If you are wondering – “why would I ever even use a whip?” check out the resource below where I explain how to use a whip as a kind communication aid, not a tool for punishment.

Watch the video below to learn how to correctly hold and use a whip or crop while riding.

For more resources, check out these two videos:

How to Switch Your Whip While Riding

How to Correctly Use a Whip as a communication tool