Groundwork is like the footings under a house.

Most of the time, we take footings for granted, but even 2mm of uneven setting is enough to cause cracks in masonry, tile, cement, or plaster.

It’s the same with horses:

Even 2mm off track in groundwork is enough to cause cracks in longeing, work in hand, riding, or liberty!

That’s why groundwork matters most!

Listen to what ST Instructor Zaneta Georgiades from South Africa has to say about it:

Also, if you think there’s a problem ahead in the other training pillars, just return to groundwork and kill the monster when it’s little 😉

Here’s why:

  • Without a good lateral bending, forward down tendency and stepping under (LFS) close to you, you’ll never get a proper LFS on the bigger circle in longeing.
  • Without a nice yielding on the inside rein in groundwork, your horse won’t give you the bend, then you’ll never get your horse searching towards the outside rein in work in hand.
  • Without a proper preparation in groundwork, longeing and work in hand, chances are, that you’ll have to deal with too much imbalance whilst riding.
  • Of course, liberty is a great place to start, but we’re talking about ST at liberty here, so we want to do the lateral movements, piaffe, and pirouette at liberty – and it might take a lot more development time if you don’t shape the quality in groundwork first.

So that are four reasons why groundwork is the most fundamental and most crucial training pillar, and I’d love to help you master it!

In the ST Entry Course, you’ll discover in full detail how to teach your horse the basic and advanced groundwork exercises.

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