Our Equestrian Lounge is finally “finished.” I use quotes because you never know what we might add in the future. For now, all of the projects that I wanted to do are now complete. Everyone at the barn enjoys the space, and we wonder how we lived without it.

Our finished Equestrian Lounge

I so wish I had taken a before picture, but we started moving in the furniture before anyone had a chance to say no. If I had taken a before shot, you would have seen a lovely tree with piles of leaves and some discarded fencing panels and some discarded buckets. So what did we add to create our lounge? Well …

  • I swept out the leaves and fallen branches
  • The ranch owner’s daughter and I relocated the old fencing panels
  • The ranch owner and I arranged a border of round stones
  • We found an unused metal table in the backyard and then commandeered some plastic chairs from various places around the ranch
  • I brought my glass table and chairs from home which allowed me to buy a new set for our back yard (win/win, right?)
  • My husband and I planted the hydrangeas, created a boarder with more stones, and then added some bark as mulch.
  • The ranch owner’s daughter and I planted succulents, vinca, and a few other plants in our Zen Rock garden
  • Reggie, the ranch’s handyman, brought in bark as ground cover for the lounge to eliminate the dust
  • Reggie also installed a watering system for the two planted areas
  • I had a custom sign created and then added the peacock thermometer and the wind chimes – which are my favorite part of the lounge
  • I ordered metal letters online, and with my husband’s help, we nailed them to a wooden pallet to serve as a screen with a positive message borrowed from John Wayne

​Here’s a final tour.

Now if I could just find a way to add a water feature, it would really be done.