It’s been a little while since my bedroom refresh post. So here’s a status report.  We had a little change in plans and every now then you make a very expensive mistake.  This is one of those times.  My cat, Sophie, fell in love my new rugs, but not in a good way, so let’s just say, we can’t use the rugs ordered at least in a room with a cat. That eliminates much of my house.  So it was a hard lesson learned as I thought the rugs I ordered would not pick but the cat actually picked the rugs on both sides and I can’t send them back. They are not totally ruined yet, but you can tell where she has picked.  I was just heartbroken.

So I ordered a new rug, not one that I was planning to order but this one is cat proof and not expensive so I can replace easily. One arrived this week and I wanted to make sure it would work before ordering a second one (and I need two). Here is the rug. It looks nice, it does lighten up the room a bit but it is not nearly as soft as the other ones.  The sacrifices we make, right?   This rug is great for a beach house and it comes in several colors.

So I needed to find a new fabric. Luckily I had not ordered the Clarence House fabric and I think it is too heavy anyway. So I found this Schumacher fabric which I have seen in real life. It is a linen so it will make up nicely into a shade. I ordered two yards.  When I replace two chairs in my dining room in late February, I may paint them and reupholster the seats with this fabric too and put in the back of the room.  Just a thought.

My walls are tan and I won’t repaint them and I have a dark brown shade on my french doors leading out to my upper deck. I am slowly becoming a blue person.  My bedroom and living room are also blue.

I also ordered a new office desk chair from Pottery Barn Teen.  Yes, you heard right.   I like the size of the chairs as some of the office chairs are very big.  And the price was good.  It has been delayed for a few more weeks so I hope it gets here.  This should be comfortable and small.

If it does not arrive then here are some other options:

If I used this one I could recover the seats in the Schumacher fabric:

When life hands you lemons you compensate. I learned that lesson yet again two weeks ago.   I’ll give you a real tour once done, hopefully by the end of February.  That is my self-imposed deadline if everything arrives. Stay safe and stay indoors with all this snow!